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Done For You (DFY) Agency

What is DFY Agency?

Done-for-you agency like its name suggests is done for you marketing solution focused on social media management and email marketing. Instead of spending their precious time managing social media and running email campaigns, business owners can count on the marketing experts to do it for them, while they focus on running their business.

What to expect from DFY?

The business owners can expect to make more sales, with little to no work on their part. The agency performs an audit on the business' current marketing strategy to fully understand where they are and where you need to be. Once the agency fully understands the nature of the business, its clients, and the offering, they begin the process of defining the most appropriate and accurate marketing strategy for the business. The agency and the business owner must align on the marketing strategy. Once the business owner approves the marketing strategy the plan is put in action. The marketing strategy is periodically evaluated to ensure it produces desired results and KPIs for the business. The business owner is always well informed and included in the decision process.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is an engagement strategy focused on training the business owners how to master their creativity with their brain. The agency helps the business owner develop their creativity by using their inner genius so that they can grow their business themselves with expertly developed and proven strategies.

What can you expect from one-on-one coaching?

During the coaching calls, the agency helps the business owner to find their voice and figure out where they can make the most impact to grow their business. The agency coaches the business owner on how to dramatically improve their lead generation and conversion rates by developing a better marketing content by applying the most precise content strategy. They train the business owner to master "the art of content creation" so they can create and generate content on a regular basis.

Digital Courses

We are building an array of topics for you over at Marketing with Mesh. E-learning is a revolutionary way to experience overcoming the learning curve of a topic. Not sure if you will have time to finish the course? No worries, most of our courses are bite sized videos of 7-10 minutes with a study guide and worksheets attached.
Courses are for you:

  • if you don't feel like you need hand holding while finishing your project
  • you want to move at your own pace
  • you want to save costs in your marketing efforts
  • you just want learn a new skill
See our library of courses and engage with global experts on topics that range from marketing, business, finance, real estate, and more!

Safety With Social Program

Safety with Social is a comprehensive 4-week program for youth ages 9-18. This program helps youth to master four skills:

  • Self awareness
  • Self management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management
Learning these life skills will help students discover what healthy relationships look like. It will also help them academically because they learn their strengths and how to maximize it. It will also help students spot a scam whether online or in person. This in turn will reduce social anxiety and increase maturity with emotional development. Lastly, for the older teens they will learn how to monetize their skills as they enter the workforce or prepare for higher education.

Currently, classes are offered virtually. The cost is $500 per student. The Ohio department of education organization, ACE, has provided full scholarships. If you would like more information on how to apply for a scholarship go to https://www.aceohio.org. You may also Call 614-633-8264 for more details about the program and start dates.

Digital Products

When it comes to marketing and you want to be more visible with physical products that showcase your brand click here. This is a third party company who provides the opportunity to create your brand and make it come alive on t-shirts, jewelry, mugs, laptop cases, face masks and other premium products. Even if your budget is small there is something for everyone. See how it works here.